Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can my eDocuments be viewed in ECR Vault?

  • Will my eDocuments be lost after the conversion to ECR Vault?


  • How do I add/edit Form Types?

  • How do I adjust the layout of my capture screen?

  • Why didn’t my rotated image save correctly?


  • What does my install of ECR vault include?

  • What version of OfficeMate should I use with ECR Vault?

  • Why do I get a “Page cannot be displayed” message when I try to view a document?


  • Can I retrieve scanned images from ExamWRITER using ECR Vault?

  • Why am I unable to retrieve documents from other workstations?


  • How do I edit a form type or other index information after the document is in the archive?

  • Can I add additional pages to a document that has already been saved to the archive?

ECR Vault is a fast, easy and HIPAA-compliant solution for capturing, storing and retrieving your paper records electronically. ECR Vault takes Industry leading document management software and combines it with the power of your OfficeMate and ExamWRITER solutions allowing you to scan three to ten times faster than with comparable solutions all at a fraction of the cost. This full featured and feature-rich document-retention system makes the dream of a paperless office a reality for practices large and small.

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