“With ECR Vault our office is not spending money on filing or searching for charts. Our information is available at the push of a button and we are better organized. This is not to mention the space we are going to save when we are able to get rid of all the charts and their shelving.”
Ryan Schamerloh, OD Dallas, TX
“Since I have been working with the iManager since January and focusing on doing a risk assessment on EVERY patient over age 50 AND every patient with a family history of AMD with vision loss, I have come to realize how many patients “at risk” we are missing.  To continue to manage AMD like we used to only means that we deal with patients who already have the disease.  What about all of those patients who don’t, but are “at risk” due to the various risk factors?  I would venture that we are missing over 50% of the patients who are truly “at risk” and our job as primary eye care doctors, is to educate and help manage and advise these patients of what they can do to preserve their vision as best as possible.  This entire program has been not only very well accepted by my patients, but very rewarding to me as I enter my 40th year of practice.”
Harvey Hanlen, OD Boalsburg, PA

"We started using ECR Vault when we transitioned to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The scan speed is amazing and I can't imagine using a typical scanner to scan patient files that are 50 to 100 pages long, not to mention the convenience of scanning both sides at once. I would highly recommend ECR Vault to anyone going from paper to EMR.”
Craig Nielsen, OD Meriden, CT
“ECR Vault has made the lives of our staff so much easier! We do not need to pull a file every time we need to know anything about a patient. We just look up the patient’s name in the computer and it is all there. Before using ECR Vault, it took us about 5 minutes to get a patient chart. Now it takes us only 5 seconds to get the information. It also saves us hours of filing time that is no longer necessary.”
Nicole Rolli – Office Manager, Torrington, CT
"It took my office three years to get my records converted with two scanners. I could have accomplished it in just six months with one scanner using the ECR Vault solution."
Ryan Wineinger, OD, Wineinger Vision Associates, Shawnee, KS